Hello! Ciao! Merhaba! I’m Theresa, and it’s no coincidence that Raiders of the Lost Ark premiered in the year of my birth. Archaeology and the ancient world have been my life-long passions, from teaching myself Egyptian hieroglyphs in middle school, to over 10 summers spent on an archaeological site in Tuscany, to writing my dissertation on Etruscan cremation urns, to managing a massive archaeological archive for a long-running project in Turkey.

While my education in Classical archaeology has been very traditional, my path through it has not. There have been twists and turns along the way, dabbling in museum and library work, teaching, employment, unemployment, etc. A combination of amazing advisers and the encouragement to cultivate non-traditional skill sets has let me to a unique place somewhere between Academia and Alt-Academia. And this blog is a where I will muse on, complain about, and celebrate this interesting niche.

All views presented here are my own and do not reflect those of Harvard University or the other institutions with which I work.


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